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Region and Maps

Training - Kattevenia


E1 - Mazy


Open and half open terrain with heath and grass. In the Northern area there is a lot of detail and some small relief. Runnability is very varying. Also in the nothern area, there are recent small strips of cut peat in varying directions. These sections are not marked on the map and will have no influence on the route choice.


E2 - Opglabbeek


Mainly deciduous forest, but in some places with heavy undergrowth. It has a number of open spots with heather. Typically for this map is the dune landscape, consisting of small relief that is highly detailed.


E3 - Saanhoeve


Wooded area located on the edge of the "Kempens plateau" with the "Maasvlakte". On the south side bounded by the state owned nature reserve "De Mechelse Heide" and in the east by the slag heap of the "Eisdense" mine. Old foothills of the river "Maas" result in a capricious relief-pattern. Land is dissected by a network of paths and roads. During the summer there are parts with a dense growth of ferns which reduces the runnability.