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The EC will be also open on Friday, 3/7 from 8h30 - 9h30. There will be the possiblity to buy trainingmaps. You can train till Friday 13h.

Maps marking

In General (EC, Accommodation, E1+2+3)

Map day 1 (E1) 

Map day 2 (E2)

Map day 3 (E3)

Road Marking

  • To CC and training: take exit 32 on highway E314. follow direction "Genk". (Address CC = Kattevennen 15, Genk)
  • Day 1: signs from crossing road N726 and road Houthalen - Houthalen Oost = "Weg naar Zwartberg". Roundabout before entrance of recreation park Kelchterhoef. (Address EC 1 = Karperstraat, Houthalen)
  • Day 2: signs from roundabout in center of Opglabbeek (near the church).


All the boards are booked.

Chase Start day 3

Third day will be a Chase Start, based on the cumulative results of the first 2 days.


Parking mobilehome (6€) with electricity full booked. There is still enough place for mobilehome, tent and caravan on the camping! Book your accommodation on time.

Booking for hikerscamping is closed.


Welcome on the website of the 3 Days of Belgium 2009!

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