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World Ranking Event

Saturday, July 4th, 2009


VVO and there clubs are happy to welcome you to the 3 Days of Belgium 2009

Day 2 is a World Ranking Event

  • Organisers

VVO and there clubs
Event director: Luc Heuninckx

  • Technical staff

Course planner: Mark Hermans
IOF Event Advisor: Jukka Kotilehto
Internal Controller: Roger Vanaken

  • Classes

Men Elite (HE) - winning time 35'
Women Elite (DE) - winning time 35'

  • Program (3 Days of Belgium)

Training: Thursday, July 2nd - on EC - start from 1pm till 20pm
Day 1: Friday, July 3rd - 15 km from EC -  start from 1pm till 4pm
Day 2: Saturday, July 4th - 16 km from EC - start from 10am till 1pm
Day 3: Sunday, July 5th - 19 km from EC - start from 9am till 12am

  • Map

Opglabbeek: scale 1/10.000 / contour interval 2.5m /
Mapmakers: Orest Kotylo and Bogdan Stramyk

  • Terrain description
  • Entry

Online entry
We invite you to take part for the whole of the three days: day 1 will be a perfect model event.

Entries only to World Ranking Event of July, 4th: 20€

Registration is only effective after full payment is received on:
Bank account number: 000-1648324-03
IBAN: BE 21 0001 6483 2403

H. van Veldekesingel 150 bus 77
3500 Hasselt, België

"Bank van de post" (=name of the bank)
1000 Brussel

Eventual bank charges are to be paid by subscriber.

  • Accommodation and food


  • Contact

3 days of Belgium 2009
regard to: Mireille Vanoosterhout
H. van Veldekesingel 150/77
3500 Hasselt
fax: +32 11 870 826
email: info@orientatie.org
web: www.orientatie.org